Introducing Mrs. Picciuti

librarian, reader and writer, caretaker of the picciuti family zoo and aquarium, and champion of underdogs everywhere.
Heather Picciuti

In 2001, I graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Deaf Education. Since then, I have taught in a wide variety of classrooms, serving students with many different needs, experiences, and abilities. After eighteen years, I have discovered that I am happiest when I am sharing literature with children and when I am fostering independence and self confidence in young hearts. Most recently, I taught third grade in a general education classroom. I began pursuing my master’s degree in Information Science at the University of North Texas in 2017, and this spring, I accepted a position as a library media specialist at Friendship Elementary in Keller ISD. I am eager to begin my career as a school librarian, widening the reach of students that I am able to support, developing a love of literacy, and collaborating with educators to support our students. Click here for a copy of my resume.

Professional Philosophy

My purpose as a school librarian is to be an instructional partner, to be an advocate, a collaborator, and a facilitator, to lead and to listen, to be relevant and innovative, curious and compassionate.

In order to effectively fill this role, I will consistently demonstrate respect and kindness. I will build genuine relationships with stakeholders. I will purpose to be approachable. I will embrace the responsibility of furthering my own professional development in order to provide current and relevant information, technology, and training for the teachers and students I serve.

It is vital that I honor my students’ intellectual freedom, their right to access necessary tools and texts. As a librarian, I have a world of information within my reach, and my job is to get that information to my students when and how they need it, and to guard against censorship through advocacy, communication, and responsible collection development.

By seeking to understand my students’ unique needs, interests, gifts, and challenges, I can I empower them to take responsibility for their own learning, to strive for their goals, and to follow where wonder leads them.


This ePortfolio has served as a home base for me on this journey. Here, I have collected and shared resources with my community. I have reflected on my learning and noted new ideas, explored and questioned, and deepened my understanding of my field. It is my hope that by collecting and recording my experiences, I will be better equipped to serve my community in my new role as a librarian.

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