Principal & Librarian Interviews

This week, I interviewed my school principal and librarian. I work very closely with both of these ladies, and I spend a great deal of time with them, so, honestly, I was surprised at how much I learned. 

One thing that struck me is that our librarian has a remarkable amount of autonomy. The scope of her job description is so big – literacy, resource management, teacher training, technology, collaboration… With a fixed schedule, it is impossible to really check off all these boxes. To a great extent, she is really in charge of what her job looks like – of deciding what is best for her students and for presenting this to her community — the students, parents, teachers, and administrators in a way that generates the “buy in” she needs.

As a teacher, I truly believe that strong relationships are essential to my success. I have to have a sincere connection with my students and their parents in order to really make progress. They have to trust me, and we have to be able to work together. It’s clear that this is key for the librarian as well. The role of the librarian is ever-evolving – and that the specifics of the day to day will be very different depending on the needs and the culture of the campus — but this trust, the collaborative “team spirit” seems to be necessary regardless of the campus.


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