Changing Roles, Teacher to Librarian

Last week for an assignment, I was asked to consider the question, “As a librarian, what will your role be as an educator?”

First and foremost, I am a teacher.

Prior to becoming a librarian, I had 16 years of classroom experience, teaching many grades from 3rd to 8th. I have multiple certifications in gifted education, English as a second language and deaf education. I’ve worked with students with many different learning styles and needs, and I’m excited to bring these experiences into my new role as a librarian.

As a librarian, I will be able to reach even more students, no matter their grade level, their strengths or their needs, their labels or their placements, and I’ll be able to build lasting relationships with our children and families as they move through each grade in my school.

I will certainly still be a teacher.

I’m making the move to the library for more than just checking out books. Don’t get me wrong: I love books. Books are my favorite! But, I hope my library will be about books and more. It will be about education, about curiosity and teamwork. It will be about technology and creativity. And, I hope that my library – like my classroom – will be about developing character and a love of learning.


Image from Unsplash Michał Grosicki

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