Podcasting & Kidcasting

Kitty Felde, host of the podcast “Book Club for Kids” and Pamela Rogers, children’s librarian and host and producer of the podcast “Buttons & Figs” present the benefits of utilizing podcasts, a relatively new medium, in children’s libraries. They suggest programming and administration ideas and tips to support librarians who are considering incorporating podcasts into their libraries’ programs. Felde and Rogers include very specific ideas for lessons, suggestions for curating a collection of relevant and engaging podcasts, and methods for sharing these options to parents.

Based on the recommendations in this article, I will incorporate podcasts into my library programming as a way to support content area teachers. Podcasts like Tumble and But Why? support develop STEM skills and provide inquiry driven, engaging extensions into science related topics. Additionally, I will use podcasts as a way to make book clubs more engaging. The podcast Book Club for Kids, offers a deeper dive into the texts through interviews and discussion. Students may even take inspiration from this podcast and produce their own kidcasts.



Felde, K., & Rogers, P. (2017). Now playing: Using podcasts and kidcasts in the library.

Children and Libraries,15 (2), 9-12.

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

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