Book Reviews :: Graphic Novels

Telgemeier, Raina. Drama. 2012. Graphix. 240 pp. $7.38. ISBN: 0545326990

Drama follows Callie and her friends – old and new – as they work together to put on a play – and along the way, fall in and out of “like” with each other, discovering how to be honest about their true feelings.


Stilton, Geronimo. The Discovery of America (Geronimo Stilton #1). Illus. by the author. 2009. Papercutz. 56 pp. $7.99. ISBN: 1597071587

When Professor Von Volt calls on the famous mouse detective Geronimo Stilton, he and his friends and family must travel back in time to board Christopher Columbus’s ship, preventing the Pirate Cats from sabotaging the famed voyage to the new world and discovering America themselves.


Photo by Miika Laaksonen on Unsplash

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