Review :: The First Ladies’ Online Bibliography

About the Source

Title: First Ladies’ Online Bibliography
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: The National First Ladies’ Library




The bibliography was established and is maintained by the First Ladies’ National Library (NFLL) and is operated in partnership with the National Park Service. Former first ladies serve as honorary chairpersons. The bibliography was compiled by Dr. Carl Sferrazza Anthony, historian and author. It is regularly updated by Dr. Stacy Cordery, historian and professor.


According to the NFLL, their organization provides the only complete bibliography including all of America’s First Ladies. It includes books for all ages, periodical articles, manuscripts, academic work, audio and visual recordings. The collection is continually growing through the work of Dr. Cordery and donations from the public. There are numerous resources noted for each First Lady, and the collection seems to be comprehensive.


The bibliography is represented as a subsection of the NFLL’s main page. Across the top of the page is the header and main menu from the library’s homepage including the following links: Home, About us, Contacts, Education, Facilities, Gift Shop, Membership, Research, Events & Exhibits, Our Blog, Site Search, and Plan Your Visit.  These menu items are consistent on each of the library’s pages.

There is a left side bar that is unique to the bibliography page including a menu with related pages and information. These menu items include: Home, NFLL Online Catalog, Audio Visual Collection, Bibliography, First Ladies & Ancestral Identity, First Lady News Articles, Lesson Plans, Other Resources, Timeline, Tributes, and Trivia.

The center section of the page provides information about the resources included in bibliography, the site’s credentials, and a drop down menu listing each first lady in alphabetical order.

For each first lady, the bibliography provides a spreadsheet listing bibliographical information for different information objects. The spreadsheet includes a title, author, year, publisher / publication, and notes field. Above the spreadsheet, users may filter materials by type using a drop down menu: Books, Articles, Other, and Juvenile Literature. There is also a note about the number of audio / visual items in the catalog with a link to these items. Each object that is available in the NFLL’s collection is marked with an asterisk.


The site is well organized, simple to use, and includes a wide breadth of resources. I would recommend it for any one with a special interest in America’s First Ladies, whether for research or mere curiosity.

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