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About the Source

Title: Access
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: Heritage Microfilm, NewspaperARCHIVE




Access claims to be the “leading provider of historical newspaper content” according to the “About Us” section of their website. In the case of an index authority is a measure of comprehensiveness and reliable indexing rather than expertise in a particular subject area.


Content dates back to as early as 1607 and includes contemporary entries as well, but does not include every newspaper or newspaper article published within that time period. The site states that it adds more than 80,000 entries every day, and each paper added is searchable by keyword to present. The site includes newspapers from the United States, eighteen other countries, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


The homepage is arranged beginning with a header and below that a main menu bar. The header includes options to create an account, a user and administrator login, and a clear, bold email address for contacting customer service. The menu bar has links to the five main pages: Browse by Location, Browse by Date, Search, Ask a Librarian, Help, and a search bar.

Below the menu and heading is a large, main section with basic information about the function of the site, and name and keyword search tabs. Below this is a browsing section for browsing all available papers by location. This section includes a map of the United States, clickable by state, and a “button” style menu to the right of the map with links to each of the included countries.

The Browse by Location page, includes an enlarged, clickable map of the United States like the one on the homepage, and below this a menu of each of the other countries included with a image of the country’s flag. From here, users are taken to narrower sites, with more specific locations and names of publications included in the archive from that region. Brows by Date offers publications arranged by century, and then by year. The Search page is an advanced search tool with search bars for First Name, Last Name, Text, Phrase, Date, and Location. Ask a Librarian allows users to send specific questions to site administrators. Each of these subpages also includes a search engine allowing for search by name or keyword. There are links to advanced searches and search tips for users.

The footer includes the following links: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Terms & Conditions, and Copyright.


I would recommend this site to researchers as a part of a collection of resources. There are many interesting primary sources, but it is not comprehensive enough to be a reliable resources for all users. It might be particularly interested for users interested in genealogy, personal, or local histories.


Photo by Jeremy Galliani on Unsplash

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