Review :: NPR Podcast Directory

About the Source

Title: NPR Podcast Directory
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: NPR




The podcast directory is a list of links to each of the podcasts produced by NPR. NPR is a widely known, reputable news organization and publisher of various multimedia programs. Each of the podcasts included in the directory is created and published by NPR, and in addition to being a credible news source, the organization is certainly the best expert in its own content.


The directory includes links to 42 podcasts, all produced and published by NPR. NPR publishes podcasts in the following categories: Games & Hobbies, News & Politics, Society & Culture, Music, Arts, Business, and Comedy. Some podcasts are original content and others are on-demand streaming shows previously aired on NPR radio such as Car Talk. Some podcasts are aimed at an adult audience and others, such as Wow in the World, are for children.


The podcast directory is a subpage of NPR’s main website. Across the top of the page is a header with a link to the main page, a link allowing users to set their local NPR station for local content, and links to the news, arts & life, music, and programs pages. The far right of the header includes a link to a shop page and a search tool. There is a sidebar on the right side of the page, inviting users to set their local NPR station, links to newscasts, live streaming, and shows. Below this is a small advertisement for a Spanish language podcast.

The main body of the page is a bold, visual menu of podcasts in a grid with four columns. Each podcast is represented by a square icon. Below each icon are two clickable links. The first is a smaller link to related content by category. The second is a larger link to the podcast’s main page, allowing users to stream episodes. Below the podcasts, the grid continues with links to stream NPR shows


Podcasts are an increasingly popular media. NPR produces quality content, and their directory of podcasts is an exceptional source of content. Fans of podcasts, talk radio, or audiobooks could use this directory to find podcasts both familiar and new for all ages.

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