Review :: KidRex

About the Source

Title: KidRex
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: KidRex, A Brent Media Site



KidRex uses Google Custom Search and Google SafeSearch, screening search results for explicit sexual content. Google is a well known and widely accepted search engine. While KidRex is careful not to guarantee the safety of each returned result, it does offer users seven specific tips for online safety.


A Google search for “Juliette Gordon Low” returned about 5,030,000 search results. A KidRex search for the same name returned 398,000 results. While this is a significantly smaller set of resources than returned by Google, it is still a significant number of results. Unlike Google, KidRex does not offer an image or video search. Using Google technology allows KidRex to search the entirety of Google’s known pages using Google’s crawling technology, and filters these sites according to KidRex’s limiters.


KidRex features a large, bold search bar with a simple, childlike dinosaur scene. Below the search bar is a menu with two options: Kids and Parents. Below this are two advertising windows. While the advertisements did not feature explicit content, the products were also not aimed at a young audience, though this may differ depending on the user and user habits. The Kids menu takes users to a page with only one main link: Drawings. From here, users may view a list of user contributed art work. The Parents page features six options: What is KidRex & How does it work; Tips for Online Safety; Set KidRex as Your Homepage; KidRex Pro; Webpage Removal Request Tool; and Help Spread the Word. The footer of the Kids page and the Parents page include links back to the other sub pages of the site.


KidRex is a good option for educators and parents of young children, but users should be mindful of the advertising. Additionally, while results are filtered for explicit content, readability and quality of content are not guaranteed. Children will still need guidance and support in evaluating sources.

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