Review :: Time for Kids

About the Source

Title: Time for Kids
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: Time, Inc.



Time Magazine is a well-known credible source in journalism. Time for Kids is a news source specifically designed for children. Directors and editors have educational and professional backgrounds in journalism, children’s literature, and education.


Time for Kids covers news stories in the following categories: Arts, Business, Community, Environment, Health, History, Opinion, Science, Technology, Time Off, United States, World, and Financial Literacy. Resources are sorted according to category, date, and audience. The company produces articles geared towards audiences in kindergarten through sixth grade, and content is grouped as follows: Kindergarten through first, second grade, third through fourth grade, and fifth through sixth grade.


The home page features a prominent grade level menu, allowing users to immediately choose the age range that they prefer. Below this is a letter to readers, updated monthly. Below this, the site offers sample articles from each grade level edition, and from the Financial Literacy publication Your $ Magazine.

From the home page, users may choose articles according to their preferred agen range. Articles are listed chronologically, each one with a bold image, category, title, date of publication, and the first few words or sentences of the article. Users may also choose to view articles according to section from a drop down menu at the top left of the screen. Some articles feature video or audio content, content published in Spanish, and / or and assessment. Articles with these features are noted with icons.

When a user chooses an article, the website opens a new page for that article. The article begins with a large featured image and the article text below. Below the article are links to related articles. Each article allows users to view it online or to print it.

Each page of the site features a header menu with the following options: Who We Are, What We Are, Standards Alignment, Subscribe, and Sign In. The footer of each page includes a menu with the options: Contact Us, TFK Insiders, Privacy Policy, California Privacy Rights, Terms of Service,  and Subscribe. TFK Insiders is an opportunity for teachers and other users to provide feedback to Time for Kids.


Time for Kids offers a paid service including a print version of the resource, but the web service provides a wealth of free resources for teachers and students. It is highly recommended for use in elementary and early secondary schools as a source of authentic current events. It is especially beneficial in Science and Social Studies content areas, and for integrating English-Language Arts skills across the curriculum.

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