Review :: USA Today

About the Source

Title: USA Today
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC.




Since 1982, USA TODAY has been a highly regarded source of national news and information.


USA TODAY provides news coverage in the following categories: News, Sports, Life, Money, Tech, Travel, Opinion, Weather, and Investigations. The online edition features multimedia content including video content, mobile applications, puzzles and podcasts.


The header of the homepage includes the USA TODAY logo and a link for to subscribe. Below this is the main menu featuring the following links: News, Sports, Life, Money, Tech, Travel, Opinion, Weather, Investigations, Crosswords, Video, Subscribe, and More. Additionally, this menu includes a search tool and a sign in tool.

The main body is divided into two columns. The larger column to the right begins with a large image representing the day’s cover story, and next to this is a menu of top stories. This column continues with eight links to current stories, each one represented with a photograph and a brief description. Featured video content follows the featured news stories. Then, there are visual links to news categories, and more featured news stories.

Below the list of top news stories, in the smaller right hand column are two advertisements, most popular news stories, and a  feed of immediately released news stories – stories released within the last few hours.

The bottom of the main body of the site includes a large advertising section. Below this is a table of links, social media connections, information about USA TODAY, and options for contacting and providing feedback.


USA TODAY is a comprehensive source of national news useful for all adults interested in learning about the day’s news across the country. Advertising is present, but not disruptive. While subscription services are available, free content is extensive and informative.

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