Review :: Infoplease

About the Source

Title: Infoplease
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: FEN Learning



Historically, Information Please began as a quiz show in 1938. Overtime, it has evolved into a printed annual almanac, and now it exists online. The site notes that content is written by editors, but no specific information about editors is included.


Infoplease provides and atlas, and ecyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, videos, and a daily almanac. Tools include a video library, calculator, place finder, periodic table, perpetual calendar, homework help, a spell checker, distance calculator, conversion tool, news and events by year from 1900 to 2017, timelines, biographies, current events, and games via Fact Monster.


The header includes a link to a main menu bar with links to Top 10s, Timelines, World information, U.S. Information, People, HIstory & Government, Science & Health, Calendar & Holidays, Business, and Ask the Editors. There is also a link to site tools, and a search bar in the header. Below the header is an advertising bar.

The main section of the page is divided into two columns. The wider left hand column features main content. This main section begins with a featured article and is followed by a section including the most popular articles, featured videos, featured biographies, and links to the various Infoplease sources (video library, dictionary, etc.).

The right column begins with an advertisement followed by a featured video, and then another advertisement. Below this, is an additional menu with links to Infoplease tools. Following the main content of the page are two additional advertising spaces, both featuring video advertising. Finally, the footer of the page includes links to popular site features, links to other sites run by FEN learning, and additional advertising.


Despite the site’s claim that Infoplease is a trusted site by parents and teachers, the advertising is pervasive and distracting. Because there are many resources available featuring reliable, accessible tools with far less advertising, I would not recommend this site to young users.

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