Review :: American FactFinder

About the Source

Title: American FactFinder
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: United States Census Bureau



Information provided by American Fact Finder comes from the United States Census Bureau. While the information provided is probably the most reliable, it is still not perfect as census data is from 2010. The site also includes estimates for more recent numbers.


American FactFinder reports demographic information about communities across the United States. Information reported includes population estimates, demographic and housing estimates, general housing characteristics, general demographic characteristics, economic information, and information about educational attainment. There are reference maps, surveys, and censuses. FactFinder allows users to search by community, to follow a guided search, complete an advanced search, or to download predefined tables.


The header includes a site title, a link to the parent site, the United States Census Bureau, and the following menu options: Feedback, FAQs, Glossary, and Help. The main menu follows the header and includes links to the main page, Community Facts, Guided Search, Advanced Search, and Download Center. This menu bar also allows users to choose to view the page in English or Spanish. Below this, the main section of the page features links to the four main functions of the site: Community Facts, Guided Search, Advanced Search, and Download Center. The next section of the page includes links to popular tables. Following this section are two columns with more detailed information about the tools and functions of the site (Using American FactFinder, What We Provide, and a Deep Linking Guide) as well as further search functions (Address Search, Reference Maps, and an option to load previously saved searches. There is a scrolling news feed of related news as well.


A search for my community of Keller, Texas reported the 2010 census data including population size and demographic data. This information would be beneficial to city leadership, government officials, and business owners. It may also be of some benefit to people looking to relocate.

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