Review :: DPLA

About the Source

Title: Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: DPLA



The DPLA is a nonprofit organization connects users to digital content accessible through libraries across the country. This network of public and academic libraries along with a board and staff of highly qualified and connected library and digital resource professionals make this a credible source of digital content for users.


DPLA’s scope is incredibly broad, featuring digital resources from across the country. Exhibitions include diverse features from “Race to the Moon,” a collection of resources related to the space race to “Quack Cures and Self-Remedies,” a collection of information objects related to patent medicine. Users can explore exhibitions and primary source sets. They may browse by topic or conduct searches for specific information.


The main header of the page is preceded by a small menu including the following links: Browse by Topic, Browse by Partner, Exhibitions, Primary Source Sets, My Lists, About DPLA, News, and DPLA Pro. The large, main header of the page follows this and features a large, prominent search bar. Here users can also donate to DPLA and browse by topic. There is also a link for new users to follow a guided search process.

Featured content follows this including information about the upcoming event DPLA Fest, selected online exhibitions and primary source sets. The next section is titled “How can I use DPLA?” and includes links to four major functions: Education, Family Research, Lifelong Learning, and Scholarly Research. Below this is a link to user guides and featured news. Finally, users may submit contact information to subscribe to a mailing list. The footer includes contact information, tools, and information about DPLA Pro functions and content.


DPLA is useful in many contexts including for educators and students, users interested in genealogy, researchers, along with casual curious users. It is well organized and includes a wide breadth of resources.

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