Review :: The American Presidency Project

About the Source

Title: The American Presidency Project
Publication Date: 2018
Producer: UC Santa Barbara




The American Presidency Project began as a supplement to a political science course offered at UC Santa Barbara and as expanded to reach a much wider audience. The authors are committed to accuracy, usability, and analysis. It is a nonpartisan collection still affiliated with the university, and is therefore a reliable source of information.


The site currently includes nearly 130,000 records related to presidents throughout American history. Sources include presidential documents, statistical information, a media archive, and analysis of political data.


The header includes a title, a link to an “About” page and a search function. The main menu is directly under the header and features the following links: Documents, Statistics, Media Archive, Presidents, Analysis, and Support. Below this is a collage of presidential images and a link to now outdated midterm election projections.

The next section is divided into two columns. The right column includes information about the site followed by a search bar. Next there is a selection of featured documents, a “Today in HIstory” feature, reading recommendations, and featured statistical information. The right column begins with a thank you to specific donors, followed by selected Analysis stories, featured video content, and a top ten list.


The American Presidency is well organized and comprehensive. It would be of use certainly to polictical science students as it was originally intended, but also to American citizens interested in keeping up with the day to day state of our political system and history buffs.

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