It’s supposed to be fun.

I’ve been watching James Harden of my beloved Houston Rockets have an incredible season. The streak he’s on is really unbelievable. And, it makes us all wonder what kind of pressure he must be feeling to perform – to maintain this streak, and to hold up the team that is counting on him.

But, when he was recently asked about performing under this kind of pressure, his response struck me. He said, “There is no pressure. I do this for a living. I have fun with it.”

I have fun with it.

Am I having fun?

As a teacher, I have arguably the best job. It’s true that teachers are under tremendous pressure, with ever increasing expectations and responsibilities for  pay that is always less than we deserve and often unconscionably low. But, still, so much of what we do is amazing. I am in a room all day long with kind, creative, funny kids, and I have the opportunity to make real change in their lives. It’s awesome.

And it’s hard. It is really, really hard. Then, with the added work load of grad. school, and parenting, and being a human – you know: taking regular showers and smiling at people, it is even more challenging.

no pressureBut hard isn’t all it is. There is so much about this job that I can’t change, but I do think I can either choose to live in the pressure, or I can remember: I do this for a living. I can have fun with it. I have to decide what deserves my energy and focus.

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