Webinar Notes :: Collaboration, SEL, and Graphic Novels

This week, I tried a few webinars for practicum hours, and it turns out that I really love this format for PD. I loved that I could do it in my home, when it worked with my schedule, and I loved that I could choose specific courses that I was interested in. These are the webinars I explored this week.

A Perfect Match: Future Ready Instructional Coaches and Future Ready Librarians

Partnerships between librarians and curriculum coaches
February 12, 2019
Foundation: Collaborate

Key Points

  • Define your roles.
  • Respect each other’s strengths.
  • Communicate. Use technology for easy communication.
  • Build genuine relationships.
  • Be visible.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Library

Support for SEL through library programming
February 27, 2019
Foundations: Include, Engage

Key Points

  • Teach a growth mindset and promote mindfulness.
  • Teaching SEL skills provides equity.
  • The ASCD categories of integrated SEL aligns with the AASL National School Library standards.
  • Provide flexibility and choice.
  • Empower students to pursue passions; allow self-expression.
  • Guide students on social-media use.

Using Comics and Graphic Novels with Children and Teens

Graphic novel collection development and programming ideas
February 12, 2019
Foundation: Curate

Key Points

  • Texts support contextual understanding and inferencing skills.
  • Texts are beneficial and empowering for beginning and young readers.
  • Follow patron interests.
  • Weeded materials can be recycled into artistic endeavors.
  • Consider small programming ideas like book clubs or anime clubs, or larger events like cos-play or comic-cons.


Image from PIXNIO

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