Personalized Learning Reflection

In my classroom, years ago, I started doing an independent study project as an extension opportunity for my students that are identified as gifted. For these kiddos, it has been an indispensable opportunity for them to investigate their own interests. Inevitably, a few other students expressed an interest in participating, and of course I allowed it. Students are gifted in so many different ways, and our district is only able to provided programming services for a few based on very specific parameters. Just because a student doesn’t qualify for this particular program, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve this opportunity.

The library allows for many more students to be able to pursue their own interests – and the flexibility of the space and the schedule and the format, really lets the librarian act as a facilitator for these personalized experiences. My mentor has implemented this through a genius hour program, and I think that this is an awesome opportunity to give students freedom to follow their curiosity, and to express what they learn in ways that are meaningful to them.

Photo by Rupert Britton on Unsplash

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