Steering the Craft :: Exercise 1

Exercise 1 :: Being Gorgeous

Part 1

Lounging in laziness, yet aware – not willing to allow a tiny change in the room go unnoticed. You sit, you curl, you stretch. You sigh heavily, heaving out breaths of exasperation, eager for rest, but only if you can ensure that you will not be carelessly left behind. Desperate for company, for attention, for a glimpse, a glance, a stroke, a kind word, a morsel, a crumb – any minuscule acknowledgement of my mutual devotion. From room to room you follow, tortured by my distraction and aimless indecision, always piddling, wandering, never settled. For this moment, now as I sit and write and pay you little mind, you are able – finally – to close both eyes settling in to that long coveted nap, twitching whiskers easing, tail tucked. Your paws move through stages – from potential energy, they settle into rest, and then come alive again in dreamy flinches, running after a squirrel, a rabbit, a duck — through a field, a pond, a neighborhood, a secret dream world that I can only wonder about.

Exercise is from Steering the Craft : A 21st Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story, Ursula K. Le Guin (1998)

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