Steering the Craft :: Exercise 2

And an oink oink here And an oink oink there Here an oink There an oink I looked into the rearview back at my smiling two year old attempting to keep him entertained on the drive home when my husband suddenly changed lanes and took at u turn at the median catching us by surprise What is going on I asked as he took the first right into a neighborhood that wasnt ours and pulled over to the side of the road This doesnt look good he said pointing a pick up truck pulled over on the opposite side of the road with a man standing in the road and yelling into the drivers window arms raised fingers pointing into the window he leaned in yelling face in a grimace and holding on to the windsheild What is happening I don’t know my husband said distracted and unclicking his seat belt You are not going out there She needs help You don’t know what she needs Youre just going to leave us here in the car This doesnt look right I know Thats what Im saying What about our kid You cant bring him into a dangerous situation Stay here This is not safe We dont know whats going on Im going to find out And he left And I was pissed Id like to say I wasnt Id like to say that I wanted to help too but all I could think about is if my son was safe if my husband was safe I watched from my car as my husband approached the strangers arms wide slowly calmly with that intrinsic energy he has that somehow magically calms everyone around him Everyone but me

Exercise is from Steering the Craft : A 21st Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story, Ursula K. Le Guin (1998)
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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