My purpose as a school librarian is to be an instructional partner – to be an advocate, a collaborator, and a facilitator – to lead and to listen – to be relevant and innovative, curious and compassionate.

In order to effectively fill this role, I will consistently demonstrate respect and kindness. I will build genuine relationships with students, teachers, staff, and parents. I will purpose to be approachable. I will embrace the responsibility of furthering my own professional development in order to provide current and relevant information, technology, and training for the teachers and students I serve.  

As a librarian, I have a world of information within my reach, and my job is to get that information to my students when and how they need it.  In order to best serve my community, it is vital that I honor my students’ intellectual freedom – their right to access necessary tools and texts. By seeking to understand their unique needs, interests, gifts, and challenges, I can I empower students to take responsibility for their own learning, to reach for their goals, and to follow where wonder leads them.